Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Buddha's Birthday!

Happy Buddha's Birthday!!! (In less than a week from now) On Saturday, we went up to Taegu (I'd never been there before). It's a HUGE city up north of Pusan, and is a major concentration point for the US military presence in Korea. My companion needed to go up to baptize a man he was meeting with before he transfered down to me. The man is named Roshan and is from Sri Lanka. He is sooooooooooo cool! He's maybe 30s or 40, and had to leave Sri Lanka due to the ethnic war that has been raging for years. His religious background is Roman Catholic. He used to be in the Sri Lankan military. He has so much faith and is thankful that the Lord led him to Korea to meet with us. He's so thankful to have found the Lord's Church. My testimony was definitely strengthened from meeting with him. It was a very humble but very spiritual baptismal service. Man, it pretty much made my week.

The work is still rough. We're going through the records of former investigators, and they all just want to learn English basically. We're working hard though, and we're hoping to find some people who have Gospel interest. The other day, we went outside of Sacheon a little ways to this little valley with some houses and one apartment complex in it. It was pretty tight. We met some cool people who hopefully might want to meet again and we saw some amazing views. We were joking about just moving out to that little valley and never leaving, it was really cool. Lots of rice paddies.The weather has been a little rainy, so it's stayed fairly cool. Nice. That won't last long. Love you! Elder Bocchino

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