Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chinae Cherry Blossoms

Hey! haha no we weren't evacuated, thank goodness. We spent the night with the Zone Leaders in Changwon and then went with a BUNCH of missionaries (from Gyungnam, Gaya and Pusan zones) to a city called Chinae to see the cherry blossoms! It was beautiful and I took pics. The streets are lined with the trees, and there were tons of people out taking pictures. There were a lot of soldiers there and the Korean Marine Corps Honor Guard and Band were there. There is a big US Naval Base in Chinae. That's where we will go if we ever have to evacuate.

Do you remember Dre? The Gwangan Grandfather...my favorite Korean ever? Well, I SAW HIM in Chinae! Just walking by on the street! I stopped him and he remembered me! He grabbed my hand, and remembered that I'm in Sacheon now and he reiterated that it is "very far from". The 90 year old man made it all the way from Pusan down to Chinae to see the blossoms. It pretty much made my week to be able to see him.

I love this Branch! We had a pretty spiritual Sunday last week, with a lot of focus on the Savior and His atoning sacrifice. I had the opportunity to bear my testimony during Sacrament meeting....pretty bad Korean, but I felt the Spirit. After Church, we went to the Samcheonpo bridge (the "most beautiful bridge in Korea" thing) to see the blossoming of these yellow flowers. I got some cool pics. We had a picnic. The Sacheon Branch is soooooo tiny and humble, and the Branch President is wonderful.

Some disappointing news......the Masan Stake canceled plans to watch General Conference together at the Stake Center this week (Koreans have to wait a week to watch Gen. Conference due to translation). Therefore, I probably won't be able to watch/hear Gen. Conference in English. The missionaries are all pretty disappointed about it (the foreign ones at least!). I'll still get to read the talks when I get next month's Liahona, though, so I'll live lol.

The Church is true! We all need to forget ourselves, take up the cross, and follow Christ! Elder Bocchino

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