Monday, April 20, 2009

Hitchiking through rice paddies

Hello from a warmer and warmer Korea! Since Samcheonpo is a small town, EVERY door has been knocked and EVERYONE knows the missionaries......we're finding that out as we are re-knocking all the doors and re-contacting all the people. lol It's fun though. One investigator wants to be baptized this summer vacation (he goes to college) so we're trying to figure out how to help him to continue to prepare for that. We also meet with Mr. Yoon (the academy owner). He used to be Catholic but now just doesn't trust churches of men and doesn't see the need for one true Church on the earth. He loves the Book of Mormon though! He prays a lot and loves talking to us about what he reads in the Book of Mormon. If only he would come to Church and feel the wonderful Spirit as he worships with the Saints! We're trying to figure out how to help him progress. Hitchiking is fun! The rice paddies are starting to look really cool. We are constantly reminded that we are in a very rural part of Korea. Love you guys!!!!! Elder Bocchino

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