Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why are there so many different churches?

Woohoo, we're on week 6 of this transfer (the last week). I'm not sure if I'm leaving Samcheonpo/Sacheon or not. Elder McKenna and I are having fun and we're having fun as a district, so we're not sure any of us actually want to move.

Our friend, Gwak, still wants to be baptized in a few months during the summer break. The other day we met with him and talked about not smoking. He wants to live the Word of Wisdom and stop smoking, but it's hard. We're working with him on that. He loves coming to the Church to help with English class on Saturdays, as well as coming to our Church meetings on Sundays. It's really fun. Our Branch is sooo good at just accepting anyone who wants to join in our activities. I know that I felt right at home as soon as I got here, and so do other people who come to Church. I love our Branch!

This really is kind of a difficult area in some ways. Since every door has been knocked and everyone knows the missionaries already (it seems like), it's hard to find people who are interested in our message. Last night, however, we were knocking doors in a big apartment complex, and a man let us in his house. He lives with his daughter. Really nice guy and very interested in our message. He asked a question that is probably one of the most common questions I hear from people about religion. He said "there is one God, one Bible...but how are there so many different "Christian" churches? Especially in Korea?"

Excellent question! The Savior Himself established His church through apostles called to lead it and teach of His Gospel. One Church. How then do we see fractured Christianity today and think that it is ok? It's not. Christ's church was fractured and corrupted, and the authority to lead it was lost several decades after His death. In our day, God has shown His love for us by restoring Christ's true Church to the earth through a modern prophet. THAT is our message to the world, and I'm here in Korea to proclaim it. I was so glad that Mr. Gwak asked that question last night. We're hoping to continue to meet with him in order to answer his questions.

Korea rocks and the Church is true! I can't ask for much more than that!!! :) I'm excited to call home for Mother's Day! Love, Elder Bocchino

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The Oberhauser's said...

Love you Joshua! We miss you here at home.