Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hey everyone!

I'm on "week 8" here in the MTC!!!! The new missionaries are settling in and starting the process of pretending to learn Korean! (just kidding) It makes me feel smart when they come to me with problems. Little do they know that I know almost nothing about this amazing Asian language.I've had two opportunities to teach gospel lessons in Korean so far.

Through these difficult exercises I've gained a testimony of the power of God in this work. I've felt His influence and divine help as I struggled to bear testimony in Korean. I know that as long as I continue to seek out His Spirit I will be able to learn that which is necessary for success.

I'm thankful for your continued support. I love your letters, emails and packages! I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I know that we are engaged in a noble work which is directed by Jesus Christ. I know that there are people that Heavenly Father has prepared in Korea waiting to hear the glad message of Christ's Gospel. I am so excited to be here and cannot wait to get to the "Land of the Morning Calm" and seek out those who are hungry for the gospel.

Thank you all again. Love, Elder Bocchino

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