Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Getting Closer To "Irene!"

To everyone:

Hello! It's week..........8 or 9 here at the MTC (or "empty sea" ^^) That's a Korean smiley face: ^^. Only 2 weeks and 6 days until our departure for Han-gook! One thing I've noticed since coming here is that all of the Koreans I've met have been very nice, funny and intelligent people. I'm so excited to touch down in Korea and spend two years among such a delightful people. The young men are so rowdy and hilarious! The Koreans are a very honest and direct people who, thus far, have been a pleasure to work with.

I've had the great opportunity to teach Koreans here about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their native tongue. It's been wonderful to begin fulfilling the Lord's commandment for us to take the gospel to all men, that they may hear it preached in their native tongues. Amazing.

I constantly strive to live worthy of the Lord's Spirit so that I can receive the Lord's help in obtaining His word and this language. I love you all and am ALWAYS thankful for your love and support.

Elder Bocchino

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