Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup

Wow! World Cup is here! Once every four years most people in the world (except Americans) tune in for the World Cup...a soccer battle between nations. Koreans are crazy about soccer! The other night was the opening Korea vs. Greece game starting at 8:30 pm here in Korea. They set up outdoor viewing locations all over Korea (all over Bangojin!) and settled in for the epic battle. We were in a restaurant when Korea scored its first goal. That was a thrill! Koreans have a way of making these things feel like the whole country is in it together. Every goal scored is a victory for every Korean man, woman and child. Kim Yun Ah's olympic skating gold was a victory for every Korean as well. It's part of their culture, the culture of "ooh-rlee" or "we/us". It's great! It also illustrates Korea's constant need to prove itself on the world stage.

When we had to go home, we found they had set up a projector with the game in our apartment parking lot! So we could watch it from our front door!

Ended up as a shutout: 2 - 0 Korean victory!! Next game is Thursday against Argentina.

As for other news, the North Asia Area authorities are rolling out plans for local churches to track down lost members and try to figure out how to help these people and fix our records, finally. After two years of this, I'm headed home, and now they're coming out with the official programs...figures. lol.

The ZL's should be having a baptism in a few weeks and the sisters will have one in Hogae next month. Good things are happening.

A few days ago we talked to an older man in a store who had met with missionaries when he was younger in Seoul (he's 62 now). He shared with us his life story, of being carried on his mom's back as they fled from Seoul during the Korean war. They ended up in Pusan and then back in Seoul later on. I believe he went to Japan to learn how to be an engineer. Korea didn't have the ability to train engineers at that time. Koreans suffered greatly during those years. This country used to be so poor and backward, and they were a Japanese colony. It's a miracle they're where they are today. His story made me think of my grandmother who fled China as a young child, and both of my grandfathers who served in Korea. The preceding generations around the world have suffered a lot. Helps me to be grateful for all that I have, and all that the senior generations have helped provide.

Time is getting short! It's an indescribable feeling!

Love you!!! Elder Bocchino

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