Sunday, June 20, 2010

Iron Festival, World Cup, Gyeongju, and splits

Hey! I have 18 days until I'm back in the US! Time is flying.

Last weekend, we volunteered at the Iron Festival where we celebrated traditional Korean iron smelting. Turns out that the Koreans first discovered iron on their peninsula here in Ulsan. This really is the industrial capital of Korea. Pohang is the steel exporter, and Ulsan makes ships, cars, oil rigs and refines oil. There are also some nuclear power plants here. Heavy industry.

Korea lost to Argentina last week in the World Cup, but they also tied Nigeria, so it looks like they'll advance! Koreans are excited!

On Sunday, we watched the Joseph Smith Movie with Korean subtitles. It's the first time the Koreans have seen it, though it's been out in the US for years. Good movie, and I think the members were able to learn a lot more about the Prophet Joseph Smith through it.

On P-Day, we went up to my old area of Gyeongju and took a look at the Seokuram grotto. It's a cave at the top of a mountain with a Buddha statue in it that is very very old. Pretty impressive views (if it wasn't so hazy) and cool hike.

Last week we cleaned the Hogae church - lots of heavy lifting - very sweaty work. It's getting really hot and humid here.

I went on splits last week with the Zone Leaders. We had some interesting meetings with less active church members in the ZL area.

It looks like I'll be able to go on splits with Elder Oxborrow (he's in gyeongju and is going home with me on the 10th) for my last week in country. That means that we should be doing meal appointments in Gyeongju and here in Bangojin for that week, as we both know people in both areas.

Not much else to report...time is flying!

Love you! Elder Bocchino

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