Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Strengthening Families Together

Well, another hot and humid couple of weeks have flown by.

Recently, the big news has been North Korea's sinking of a South Korean ship, killing over 40 South Korean sailors. We're keeping our ears and eyes open as the whole country wonders what will happen next. Ulsan is a big target for the North, as the Hyundai Heavy Industries factories are prepared to produce naval ships, and the Hyundai Motors factories are ready to make jeeps and tanks if war breaks out. I'm not too worried right now, but we're still vigilant and I get a little jumpy when the city tests it's air raid sirens. :)

Last week, we went up to an old elementary school and saw a reptile/snake exhibit they have there. It was really fun and we got some good pics. I got to hold a HUGE snake at one point (I'll send you those pics later) and it urinated on me. Gross!

Bangojin Branch is doing great. We had a great meeting with Brother Lee today (his son is 9 years old and preparing to be baptized) and we had a great time. We read the Book of Mormon together and I felt the quiet influence of the Spirit. I know that as we help him and his wife strengthen their faith, they will be better able to help their son accept the Gospel. It brings up memories of my own baptismal experience.....thanks to my Mom and Dad and various Church leaders, I was able to begin living the Gospel and progress to where I am today. I remember that, and vow not to give up on this young man (Dohng-Guhn) no matter how squirrely he is. :)

Time is flying by! Transfer calls are tonight...we're not sure what will happen. I have one transfer left!!!

Love you guys! The Gospel is true!!!

Elder Bocchino

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