Thursday, May 27, 2010

Evacuation plans, acting on faith, and unity in families

While tensions with North Korea are increasing, the Korean people remain calm and collected. Everyone agrees that the North knows it can't afford to start a war, therefore people aren't too worried about it. We (missionaries) do have established evacuation procedures that we will follow if necessary.

Kyung Jin (coffee shop guy) remains skeptical of organized religion. This has allowed him to have an open-ish mind while investigating our Church, but has also made him just skeptical of all religions in general. He is a great guy with lots of questions about faith and God, and I really hope he begins to experiment with faith and acting on what he's learning from the Book of Mormon.

We will start meeting with a member, Brother Lee, whose son should be getting baptized soon. Brother Lee and his wife are at least bringing the son to church on Sundays (even if he doesn't want to go), which is really good. I'm constantly reminded of the need for unity in families and the blessings associated with living the gospel as families.

We had a District Leaders' Meeting in Pusan yesterday (on transfer day) and talked about how we're going to deal with losing so many missionaries. Our numbers are getting slashed from about 120 when I came to Korea to probably 70 when I leave. Big change.

I said goodbye to some friends yesterday as they're going home. One of them was Elder Mckenna, with whom I served in Sacheon. We had some really great experiences together. That will be me in 6 weeks. Strange. Time is flying.

The Gospel is true!!! Love, Elder Bocchino

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