Sunday, July 12, 2009

Progress Despite Political Distractions

Another hot, humid, muggy, rainy week here in Taegu. We had Zone Conference. We also met with an investigator who is close to joining the Church. He is Catholic and has been meeting missionaries for a while. His name is Kim Jay Hohng. We met him with a member (who is a Korean Air Force Officer) and talked. They ended up just disputing about politics forever and my comp and I had to go home. Our investigator has some anti-American political leanings (the member does not). It was interesting, but the spiritual message we wanted to share ended up being pretty weak due to the distraction. It happens. He came to church yesterday, though. He came last Sunday on Fast Sunday and was really impressed with our willingness to let anyone get up in our meetings and bear testimony and express their feelings. He wanted to do that this week, but we told him to wait until next Fast Sunday. Really great guy.

I learned about some Korean politics this week. Apparently Taegu is the most conservative city in Korea. Gwangju is the most liberal, and the two cities don't really get along (Gwangju is kind of far away in Taejon mission and in the SW corner of Korea). Interesting.

On Saturday, we had another stressful English class for kids, and then we had a baptismal service for a little girl in the ward. We helped set up for it, couldn't get the hot water to work, and sang some hymns during the service. Disaster! lol

It's soooo muggy here. I'm sweating as I write this. Oh!!! I heard that Bro. Gwak (the college student investigator back in Sacheon) was supposed to get baptized yesterday! I assume it went down but I'll check tonight. He stopped smoking and has maintained! It's great!

We're doing great here! I technically have less than a year left on the mish, but July 30th will be my "I've been a missionary for a year" mark. Time is flying. I'm loving it! Taegu is filled with tree-lined roads and tall apartment buildings. I still really really really miss Sacheon, but Taegu is a nice city.

Oh, we heard this week that David Archuleta (American Idol runner up) thinks he's "already on a mission" as he tours the country selling his cds. We were pretty disappointed.

The Church is true and everyone needs the Gospel! Let's offer it to them! Elder Bocchino

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