Sunday, July 19, 2009

Choir Concert in Taegu

So, it's still hot and still really really wet. Last Monday we had a dinner appointment with a member family in the ward. Great people. We enjoyed participating in Family Home Evening with them. It was very organized, then we busted out the cards and got the kids riled up. :)

Last Saturday we had a really cool concert at the church stake center. A church choir from Seoul came down, plus the Taegu Stake choir and a young single adult mini orchestra group performed. It was way cool! It was cute to hear them sing some Disney songs in English.

We've continued meeting with our investigator who is Catholic. He says he knows the Church is true and wants to bear testimony to the Ward this coming Fast Sunday, but he has a few concerns. He is a great person and it is so awesome to be able to meet with him and feel the Spirit as we discuss Gospel topics. Great! He's been reading the Book of Mormon and is in Alma. He's finding all the teachings that support the Bible and he is amazed by it!

I gave a talk in District Meeting last week about "desire". Missionaries talk about "desire" a lot. My studies led me to the conclusion that "desire" is closely linked to, and actually comes from our love for God and fellow men. I gave a cruddy talk, but the studying I had to do was great!

There was a crazy lady who stopped us on the street and wanted us to get some "letters" on to the US military base through our foreign branch (yeah right). She wasn't happy when we said no. So yeah, times are great. Elder Kemmerer's Korean companion had to go for military reserves training, so he is with us for a few days. Last night we went to the downtown in Taegu - it was a party. Crazy stuff! We hung out with some dudes who sell cell phones.

Love you guys! Thank you for the love!!!! Elder Bocchino

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