Sunday, July 26, 2009

Seeking Spiritual Confirmation

An inebriated Buddhist stopped us on the street yesterday and told me I should study English. I told him he should study Christianity. That's kind of how we left it..... ^^ )

We had President interviews this week...looks like I'm staying, probably with Elder Seal...we're not sure though. This week we had a sit down with our Catholic investigator (Bro. Kim jay hong) and the Zone Leaders. Elder Asay (ZL) originally found Bro. Kim and is heading back to the US soon. Kim is @ 30 years old. He loves the Church and the Book of Mormon but still has some questions. He's so close to getting baptized, but is still seeking the answer and confirmation to do so. Can't argue with that. Meanwhile he's pounding through the Book of Mormon and coming to Church. He's great.

Really really hot here. Some members took us out to a really nice shabu shabu soup restaraunt the other night. Really nice. The man was a Colonel in the Korean Army, and they're very nice people. Their son is on a mission right now in the California Sacramento mission. He told me of how his family came into the Church. His father was a newspaper editor in Taegu back in the 60s. He wrote an article on the Church and interviewed the Korea Mission President back then, and gave the Church good reviews. Later, when missionaries knocked on his door, he invited them to teach his family. They were all baptized about a month later. What an amazing story! I told him it was a miracle. He assured me that I can find prepared people. He said that I shouldn't focus on baptizing lots of people or worry about stats, but that I should work hard and follow my mission president's counsel. I agree!

This member used to be a "house boy" for the elders back then. They had someone to clean for them, do laundry, and shine shoes...needless to say, we don't have that anymore.

Taegu is great! I'm on the downhill slope of the mission...time is flying. I love you guys!!!!!!!!!Elder Bocchino

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