Sunday, May 17, 2009

Request For Help

Hey everybody! First, a request for help. There's a 13/14 year old girl here who is learning English and needs a pen pal around the same age in America. My Branch President asked me to refer someone I know, so if anyone gets this email who can help out, that would be great! Just get in touch with my parents and they can give you more information.

It's same old same old down here in the South. We've had quite a bit of rain recently, but today is another hot day. The other day, we went trekking up into the sticks between Samcheonpo and Sacheon to find a less-active member and her husband (who is missing a leg). They live on a random farm thing in the boonies. We had to hitchhike like crazy to get there and we walked through quite a few rice fields (thankfully they weren't flooded yet). No one was home, but at least we found the place (a big victory) and had some fun.

The foreign family in our branch had their daughter and her friend visit this month from college. It was interesting to have other foreigners in the church meeting, especially since I WAS CONDUCTING in Korean!!! So strange...they had me (an American) conducting the meeting in Korean, and a Korean translating what I said into English for the foreigners. It was really fun!

I hope everyone back home in the states is doing well!!!! Love you guys! Elder Bocchino

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