Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello from the most beautiful area in the Pusan Mission! It's getting warm here, and Spring is definitely on it's way. Not much new to report. We thought we might have to go to court and be witnesses in a sexual harassment thing we witnessed on a bus ride...but looks like that's resolved now. Very disturbing experience. We're heading into Pusan tomorrow night to sleep over in Hayundae before the big conference on Wednesday. Elder Stevenson (sp?), the first counselor in the Asia North Area Presidency, is coming to do a Mission tour. We've been instructed to read 2 Nephi chapters 2 and 9, so I'm assuming we'll be talking about Christ's Atonement. I'm really excited. The meeting will include Pusan, Gaya, and Gyungnam zones. (I'm in Gyungnam). On Tuesday he's up in Taegu with Gyungbuk and Shilla zones.

Next email is after transfers........should be interesting! The Church is amazingly true!

Elder Bocchino

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