Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ferry Trip

Hello! This past week we went out to an island with an investigator, his family, and a bunch of kids who attend the academy he owns. Koreans are kind of obsessed with school. They attend normal school during the morning and night, and attend "academy" at any other time. At these academies they learn a lot of different things, but mostly English. The group that went with us was mostly younger kids around 12 ish..maybe younger. It was really fun.

We got on a ferry and took a beautiful 30 min trip out to this mountainous island, where we could hike, go fishing and play soccer. It was a blast, even though I didn't catch any fish. The kids were really fun to hang out with. We like to go to that academy and visit them every week. We talk to the kids, play cards with them, and then meet with the owner to talk about the gospel. It's one of my most favorite things to do here.

The Branch is still ridiculously small, but soooooo much fun. We had Family Home Evening last night (Sun. night) with some of the youth and a member. We held it at his combination meat shop/home and had a really good lesson about Joseph Smith's experience. That experience kicked off the Restoration of Christ's Gospel and this Church, so we figure it's pretty important to focus on. I love reading Joseph's own account of what happened, I can really feel the Spirit when I do.

Samcheonpo/Sacheon is still rockin! We're having a blast down here. Today we'll go to a big bathouse that has an open balcony for us to chill on and look out over the ocean. I'm excited.
Take care and God Bless! Elder Bocchino

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