Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Veterans Day and Happy Birthday to the U.S.M.C.!!!

Hello from the heart of "Dynamic Busan"!!!

Another crazy week gone by. Our ward is awesome and is working hard to strengthen each other.

People in Pusan are very proud of the fact that the only memorial in the world to commemorate all of the nations that fought in the Korean war is in Pusan. We hope to go there next week. The Korean people appreciate what our American forefathers did over half a century ago to defend them. They respect the "sacrifice" culture of the military and the fact that American servicemen are willing to die to preserve liberty and freedom around the world. They especially respect the US Marine Corps and what Marines have sacrificed for Korea. It has made for interesting conversations since Dad was a career Marine.

The other day, Elder Hinton and I were trekking around in our area. We hiked up through some back alleys and steep tiny roads to find one member who was baptized when she was ten. We talked to a lady at the top of a hill by a Buddhist temple. It was really cool....I love the work here. As challenging as some places are here, I love going to them because the gospel has to "penetrate every continent, visit every clime, sweep every country and sound in every ear". This is why I'm on a mission! :)

We've been working a lot with some new converts in our ward: Jung Sung Ook and Kim Ho Rool. They're so amazing! They love the gospel and it's great to observe the sincerity with which they apply the restored gospel in their lives. It's hard to be a member here in Korea, and I have soooo much respect for those strong members who are able to do it.

I love the work here in Pusan (or is it Busan? lol). I love missionary work like I never thought I would. Thanks for the support and love! Elder Bocchino

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