Sunday, November 16, 2008


Another awesome week gone by. One more week until transfers. I hope I get to stay here in Gwangan. I love it here. This Sunday, the young children put on a musical program in Church. It was a very moving and spiritual experience. I couldn't understand 100% of it, but I could understand enough. Hearing those little Korean children sing and testify of their Father in Heaven reminded me of the basic truths that change lives. I was taught by the Spirit during that Sacrament meeting. God DOES exist and He is our Heavenly Father. He loves us and wants us to be happy and return to Him. When the children sang the words "Heavenly Father, are you really there?," I thought of all of the people here and around the world who don't know the answer to that question. "This is why I'm here, I want everyone to know the answer to that question," I thought. I love serving the Lord here and working to bring people to an understanding of their relationship with Heavenly Father.

Earlier this week, Elders Matsuura and Potter met a British lady who is working here teaching English. While knocking doors in some apartments, we ran into her again. We were able to bring her an English-language Book of Mormon and teach her about the restoration of Christ's Gospel (in English!!!! woohoo). It was a great experience, and she wants to meet again. It was interesting being able to participate fully in a teaching situation for once!

Today (for our pday activities) we met up with a really cool recent convert named Jung Sung Ook (20-something). We spent a couple of hours with him here in a big marketplace called Nampodong. It was really fun. We walked through the crowded market streets, smelling the smells and seeing all of the merchandise. There are some interesting things being sold here - for example, I've seen hats that say AFNY, which stands for Air Force New York. It makes no sense, but the words look familiar to Koreans, so they sell them. Jung Sung Ook is a really fun and nice guy. He's our "hang nim", or older brother. Our ward is full of really great young people like him.

Last night, we were invited to the apartment of a really nice family in the ward. The husband is American and served a mission in Seoul many years ago. His wife is Korean and they've lived in the States for many years (they're just visiting here). Sis. Wray did so much to make us feel comfortable. She fed us sooo much beef (we don't get much meat here) and coke and cookies and milk. She was used to Americans and wanted to make us feel comfortable. It was so much fun. Their son is a year older than me and goes to BYU.

BYU plays Utah this week. We're all excited! I'll spend the night at the mission home tonight so that my companion can apply for classes at the U of U. It should be fun. Well, I'm gonna go. I love it here like I never thought I would. Thanks for your love and support!

Elder Bocchino

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