Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's All About Service

It snowed! We woke up to a winter wonderland yesterday! I guess it's spring. Weird weather...

This week, my new companion, Elder Moore and I have seen some cool things together. We were searching for less active church members the other day on our way to eat dinner with some members. We knocked on an apartment door fully expecting one lady to have moved, but she answered the door! She said it had been a long time since she had last seen the missionaries or attended church. She was very nice. We obtained her phone number and have asked the sister missionaries to visit with her also. Maybe we will bake her some cookies. We almost never find these people. When we do, it's a question of finding a way to serve them.

On Saturday night, we gathered in the church building and watched the movie, The Prince of Egypt, with church members. The activity was fun! A young man attended who is our age. His name is Kyung-Hwan. He recently completed his military service and is attending our English class. Hopefully, he will want to know more about the gospel as well.

Several days ago, we had English class and played ping pong with our new friend, Kyung Hwan. Koreans LOVE playing ping pong and usually learn how to play well during their military service. Afterward, we again searched for another less active family. Just like the last time, we unexpectedly found the lady we sought! She invited us into her home and introduced us to her daughter and one of her sons. They might be coming out to English class this weekend! This lady had not met missionaries for about three years. We're trying to find a way in which we can serve her and her family. Her husband works very far away in another city for Hyundai.

We've had several opportunities to eat meals with members this week, for which we are grateful. We're trying to build good relationships with the Branch. It's all about service, and we're trying to find ways to serve these wonderful people.

It's been a fun week and we're staying busy. I know the gospel is true. Love, Elder Bocchino

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