Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's been a hotter week here in Korea. Looks like Spring has come a little early. Bad news, because that means the mosquitoes aren't far behind.

The Bangojin Branch is doing great! Sister Lee is still solid, and the Ulsan District held District Conference last Sunday. We were able to hear from District leaders and President Jennings (our Mission President). The Korean church members are always impressed whenever President Jennings speaks, because he is so accomplished at speaking Korean. The Korean people really appreciate that. I heard that approximately 225 people attended the conference, which was a great turnout! We hope to become a stake within the next few years.

Other big news: There will now be only three Missions in Korea instead of four. The Seoul West and Seoul missions will combine to form the Seoul Mission (effective July 2010) under the leadership of the current Seoul Mission President. Also, the (former) Seoul West Mission will move one stake into the Taejon Mission next month. The Busan Mission was slated to get the big southwestern city of Gwangju, but our President rejected it, citing cultural differences that would prove problematic. I was a little sad when I heard that, as I really really want to go to Gwangju someday. The people there are really nice.

Needless to say, some Korean church members are a little worried about this and questioning the progress of the church here in Korea.

While this is a slow time in Bangojin, we're having a good time and working to try to find people who want to learn more about Jesus Christ. We're getting more and more interest in our English classes, and are anticipating meeting some new people in the coming week or two. Should be exciting!

Even though it's hard, I'm thankful that I can serve people and testify of the Savior every day. That's enough for me! The gospel is true! Love, Elder Bocchino

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