Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

We may not have had a white Christmas here, but we had a white Lunar New Year! It was awesome! Just a trace of snow but it makes the hills look beautiful! They say it almost never snows in Ulsan.... Well, the Lunar New Year ("Chinese" New year) was fun! We had 31 people at church on Sunday (big day, considering it was lunar new year). Sister Kim (the one who went to the temple for the first time) is headed back to the states. Sister Lee is doing well.

On Monday, we went back to my old stomping grounds of Gyeongju to play games and watched "Up". Great movie! On Tuesday, we ate the traditional new years meal of Duk Gook at a member's house and were able to see Korea win the gold in the Olympics speed skating. It was great! Koreans are still way happy about it! :)

We're hoping to meet a newcomer to English class either tomorrow or Saturday, we'll see. Maybe he'll want to learn about the Gospel! That's what we're hoping.

Lunar New Year was great, but it also meant that very little happened in the way of missionary work, as everyone left Ulsan to go to their hometowns. On the New Year holiday, they gather to the husband's oldest brother's house and play card games, a traditional stick game, and eat food. It's great! I love you guys! The Gospel is true!! Love, Elder Bocchino

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