Monday, June 8, 2009

"We're not scared - we have America on our side!" - A Korean fisherman

A pretty standard week in Sacheon. Not too much going on, pretty hot, lots of rejection. :)

We had interviews with the mission President this week. Looks like I'll be leaving Sacheon (I've been here for three transfers).

We met with one investigator, Bro. Yoon (the academy owner) and read 1 Nephi 13 with him. Talked about Nephi's prophecy of the discovery/colonization of America and the Great Apostasy of the Christian Church. Pretty interesting, but I think it's more powerful to Americans or Westerners. ;)

I was talking to a fisherman who picked us up in his truck while hitchhiking the other day, and asked him if he was scared of N. Korea. He turned off the radio, turned back to me and said (in Korean) "NO! We have America on our side! Do you know Iraq? Saddam Hussein? He freakin' died! Do you know Panama? Noriega? The US military went in and grabbed him! One guy! Nah, we're not scared." I appreciated his confidence, but was grateful when he turned his eyes back to the road...

I love Sacheon and am sad to go. The Branch is amazing, and I want to enjoy my remaining time here. I love it!

We're getting ready to hitchike out to the city of Hadong, right on our river border with Taejon mission. Fun! Elder Bocchino

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