Monday, June 15, 2009

Searching the rice paddies

I accidentally reformatted my memory card this week...losing all the pictures I've taken of this area. Yes, the hitchiking extravaganzas, the border with Taejon...I know, I know...I'm so depressed. I'm taking lots of pics again to try to make up for it, but there's just no way...

Last P-day we went to Hadong, saw the awesome river and bridge to Taejon mission. I may or may not have crossed over into the neighboring one will ever know. It was pretty amazing! Oops, no pics of it. I'll see if I can get some from my companion.

Last week we went up to look for some less active members in rural rice paddie areas between Samcheonpo and Sacheon. We ended up finding a member working at a family vacation place/fishing store. He went to church over 15 years ago when he was in high school. When we explained that we were missionaries, he remembered about the church and talked to us for a while. He wanted a Book of Mormon and asked us to come again. It was so interesting...he can't really remember what the church is about. We were so excited to find him - missionaries haven't touched his records for YEARS.

Our college student investigator, Bro. Gwak, said he wants to be baptized this month. We're working on stopping smoking. He's a really great guy.

Man, it's getting so hot here...sooooooooo hot. Muggy too. The mosquitos are starting to come out. I hope you all are doing well...I love you guys! Elder Bocchino

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