Monday, January 5, 2009

A WEEK IN YEONSAN (aka Siberia!)

Well, where to start? I just had an amazing week with my Zone Leader in his area (more later...) and now I have a Korean senior companion. Hopefully I will learn a lot. I'm still serving in the Gwangan area.

We hiked a little mountain (hill) at 6:00 am on New Year's day to see the sun rise. That's a big Korean tradition. It was soooo cold! It was interesting, but I probably will not continue that tradition when I come home lol. I like sleep and warmth...preferably a warm sleep.

This past week I was with my Zone Leader in Yeonsan. It was just the two of us in what I like to call Siberia! (freezing....) He has quite a few investigators and I was able to teach quite a bit. We met twice with a really really nice family that owns a soup restaurant. They're awesome! We taught them about how Christ's gospel became restored and about prophets and the Book of Mormon. We invited the father to pray with us before we left, and it was a very spiritual experience. The second time we visited, they had both been reading the Book of Mormon and wanted to know which specific part they could read to really feel the Spirit. I invited them to read in 3 Nephi 11 about when Jesus Christ visited the Americas. It could be one of the most important parts in the whole book. They said they were excited to read it. What a wonderfully sincere family. Their 13 yr old daughter is way cute and we teach her a little bit of English when we visit. They feed us this delicious soup with pork in it.....called day-jee-gook-bop. Awesome.

We taught another man about faith. He wants to be baptized but his wife is not allowing it right now (she's buddhist). Nice guy. He also likes to learn a lot of English.

Elder Anderson is no longer in my district. He moved to another zone, but he's still fairly nearby. Our zone has gone through a lot of changes this transfer...we'll see how it all works out. Love and thanks, Elder Bocchino

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Janae said...

I am a faithful follower of Elder B's.....Keep up the good work. It's nice to get another perspective of the work... Elder Anderson's mom.