Monday, January 19, 2009

Mountains Are Temples

Mountains are temples. Last week for Zone Meeting, the Pusan Zone hiked up a small mountain and talked about how we can become more effective missionaries. It was very interesting.

This past week, we found a really sweet Buddhist family. The son is 12 and the daughter is 10. They are very nice and seem to have a lot of interest in what we have to say about families. The 12 year old loves to talk to us and he arranges the appointments (his is the only cell phone number we have right now!). When we asked his "favorite thing", he said "family." Nice kid.

We meet a lot of people on the street and my companion is able to get their telephone numbers, but it seems like no one wants to meet with us. We are working hard to share this gospel. Twice a week we meet with an 88 year old man we call "Dre". His name is Kim Jong Duk. Really nice man. He was baptized in 2007 and has been learning english from the missionaries since then. He is a very sweet man. I love him and enjoy meeting with him.

We're working hard and praying for success every day. I love you all and keep you in my prayers! Elder Bocchino

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