Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Week 2 in the MTC

Greetings from the Mission Training Center!

I'm doing very well here at the MTC. The food is tolerable and my companion is a great Elder. Those are the two main priorities anyway. :)

I'm learning Korean at a rapid pace and I love it (I'm able to read it and make short statements). It's very challenging but will be rewarding when I'm able to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to my Korean brothers and sisters in their native tongue. I can see truth in the old missionary joke: English speaking missionaries return as masters of the doctrine. Spanish speaking missionaries return as masters of the doctrine. Asian speaking missionaries return....................................just humbled. :)

I'm racing against the clock here so I'll have to close. Let me just say that I love getting letters from friends and family. It's hard to communicate via email since I have limited time, but DearElder.com has an amazing free service to send letters to the MTC.

I'm excited to be serving the Lord and I wish you all well. I hope to hear from you as I share with you some of my adventures over the next few years.

With love, Elder Bocchino


The Oberhauser's said...

We're proud of you lil' brother. It's always great to hear how you're doing. We think about you all the time and keep you in our prayers.

Auntie Michelle said...

Hey Josh,

WOW! How hot is Korea? How's the food? Are the natives friendly? We are so proud of you - just wish we could have seen you before you left for two years! It's been awhile . . . last time you were here, you really loved those little cakes with berries and whipped cream, remember? We sure do miss seeing you and your family. You wouldn't even recognize your cousins. Natalia is 13 in October, plays guitar, soccer, and basketball and is going to be tall like you (5'5" already). Bella is 9 and loves gymnastics, soccer, ice skating and doesn't look much like a Bocchino (blond with green eyes)! Lots of exciting things happening in the family with David getting married, and Diana and Chad having another baby. Let us know if there's anything we can do or send ok? We'll keep in touch.

Auntie Michelle