Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Revisiting Gyeongju!!!

I'm back in Gyeongju!!!! For the day...thought I'd come back to my old area and spend some time with friends I made here. I miss this place.

I don't have much time. This last week has been good!!! We've gotten some good contacts from people...hopefully we'll be able to meet with them again.

At church, we were able to answer some questions that a recent convert had about the timelines of the Bible and the Book of Mormon and how they match up. It was a pretty good class.

Sister Lee is still doing great!!! She really had a strong conversion experience and continues to diligently live the gospel.

We made flyers for our English class and are trying to get a lot of people to come. We're trying to make a good new start and do some missionary work through our English class. We'll see how it goes.

Next week we'll have Zone Conference.

sorry...I really don't have time.........the mission is great! Love, Elder Bocchino

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