Sunday, December 20, 2009



A cold, windy week in Ulsan.....

We had a great lesson with Sis. Lee (who got baptized last week). She's great! She is so committed to living the gospel. She said that God has answered her prayers and given her confirmation that she's doing the right thing. Amazing.

We had received some phone numbers of Hyundai workers who had gone over to BYU for a few months to study in the business program. While there, they expressed some interest in the church, so we called them and will hopefully be able to meet some of them in the coming weeks. Nice people...they had a great impression of the USA and of the Church in Utah.

We finished putting together a book organizing all of the Branch's church members according to where they live....we'll start visiting them soon...trying to find less active members.

The other day, we went down to a member's Chinese restaurant with the sister missionaries (who we ran into while trying to visit the same people) and had a free meal. It was great! Bro. Lee is such a great cook!!!

Random thought: I can look out onto the ocean here...and I see huge container and fuel's great. Hyundai is a HUGE company.

Last night, we went to find a less active member near our house. He's only a few years older than us. While we were walking in the dark, I went into a shop to ask for directions. Turns out that I was standing in the right address and talking to our member. He was nice. We introduced ourselves and gave him our number. We hope to be able to visit him again and help him. After that, we went searching for another apartment and found a different less active's mom (she wasn't helpful) and left discouraged. Then we went and were able to visit with a more recent member (she was a Korean runway model a few years ago I think..) and were able to talk about the significance of the Christmas holiday. Her questions centered around 1) which Old Testament prophecies related to Christ?; and 2) which fulfilled prophecies made people at the time of Christ willing to accept him as the Messiah?

We're planning on studying and getting back to her.

A few more days until Christmas!!! Around this time I think about America, family, Christmas trees/lights/etc, presents, friends, hot chocolate...basically I get homesick...then I remember that the point of this holiday season is the celebration of the birth of the Savior of the World. How thankful I am for the best present of all!!! Over 2000 years ago, the King of Kings was born, lived a perfect life and suffered for my sins. He died and was then resurrected and lives today! He continues to reach out to us and leads this Church. What a happy message! Christ lives!! Merry Christmas!!!!!

Love, Elder Bocchino

PS: This time next year, I will be home for Christmas! :)

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