Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Last Email from MTC

Hey everyone! We got our flight plans last friday and we're heading to Korea on Monday the 13th! It's a HORRENDOUS 13 hour flight! We're having all sorts of out-briefings and meetings here in the MTC, only to be followed by orientations and in-briefings in Pusan.

I'm excited. This last weekend has been great (General Conference). We've been able to do nothing but eat, sleep and watch General Conference. On a mission, that's heaven. Apparently the bugs in Korea (mosquitos) are horrible. Sleeping on the floor won't help matters, as spiders and other bugs crawl over you at night. I might need to get a mosquito net in Korea. I will also have to use filtered water. We'll be getting more specific info upon arrival in Pusan.

The hour long flight from Incheon (Seoul) to Pusan will be really interesting, as I'm sure we will all be anxiously anticipating our arrival in our actual mission. My next email should be from the Land of the Morning Calm! I hope to have many interesting things to share! Thanks for your support! Elder Bocchino

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