Saturday, July 26, 2008


Hey everyone. I've been home in Washington for a couple of weeks and will be leaving for Utah in a few days. My family will update this blog for anyone who wants a little info on what's up with me. I'll keep you posted before I leave.


Davidp said...

That's a realy good idea! That's why if we were disney characters, you would be Pumba and I'd be Timone. I'm loud and obnoxious, and your smart like that.

Trisha said...

you're going to love it in Korea. I sure did! good luck!

Auntie E said...

Hi Joshua,
We are so proud of you! We all got a kick out of the great pics your mom sent. We thought you looked like an adordable gentle giant next to your mom and dad!
Good luck!! We will keep in touch. We love you.
Aunt Elena and Co.